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Welcome to Xinxiang Highland Pigments Co., Ltd.


XXHP lays equal stress on both domestic sales & export sales, and policy of combining introduction from outside with independent R & D is adopted. So far, has developed a product system of complete Color & products, diversify quality & grades and formed a production capacity of 10,000 metric tons annually. Besides this, with aiming at the changing situation at both domestic & international market and the demands from different customers, XXHP has been working at development of new products of high heat-resistance, light fastness and products suitable for special purpose. We believe that, with our unremitting efforts, there will be more and more new products with much better performance/price ratio come out.

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  • ADD : Gongye Road, Xiaoji Town, Xinxiang, Henan, China
    TEL: +86-373-5590568

  • FAX : +86-5592052,5586629
    Contact: Mr. Yue Shiwen, President